Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What Will Your Children Remember About You?

by Aleta Kay

     Our daughter is turning 34 this year. She called me today and we got to talking about whether or not she felt her dad was a "hands-on" dad. The answer was a resounding yes. Here's what she remembered:
1) Even though had to be out of town a lot, when we was home we used to play tickle and spank or we'd go outside and rough-house in the yard.
2) When he changed jobs he was able to take us camping sometimes. He spent time with us.
3) Sometimes he would make a big bowl of popcorn and we would sit as a family and watch movies together.
4)When I got into my teens he took me out for breakfast on Saturdays. I could say anything I wanted, talk about anything I wanted with no criticism or recriminations.
5) Sometimes we played games together like Monopoly or Life or rummy. My dad was a good dad.

If you're a father who ended up with a child due to a casual relationship, or if you're a dad who for whatever reason has distanced himself from his family, ask yourself what you're missing. It would be to your advantage to do whatever it takes to at least be civil (refuse to fight or argue) to your ex. You will be the winner in the end. Doesn't your child deserve that?

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