Monday, September 5, 2011

Dragonflies and Butterflies

by Aleta Kay

     This will probably not be a very long message but thought I would post what I thought was an intereseting observation.
     We were at a rest area the other day and it was rather blustery. I watched a dragonfly try to fly into the wind. The wind kept pushing it back. The dragonfly would get pushed back far enough to get to a place where the wind wasn't as strong, then fly back into the wind again. This scenario played out repeatedly for about three minutes. Finally the dragonfly turned around and flew toward the wind again but from a different angle. At last it got through.
     It reminded me of how we humans continually try to demand our own way, do our thing, buck against God and the consequences for our sins. Eventually some of us decide to follow the path, the wind of the Holy Spirit if you will, and find peace. Others of us, like that dragonfly at the beginning, just insist that our way will win out. Watch out for those consequences: and the consequences are yours because you chose the path.
     Butterflies are strictly moved by air currents. They have no choice about their path unless it is a perfectly still day. God moves them at His will. And aren't they lovely little creatures?

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