Sunday, September 18, 2011

Effects of Divorce

by Aleta Kay

I feel very strongly about this subject. I believe we have a generation with a lot of hurting young people. They either have never had two parents in the home or their parents are divorced and still fighting all the time. They also may be frustrated , because, due to a one-parent home, they now have to fend for themselves, or be cared for by aging grandparents who can’t relate to them.
As anyone who has been divorced knows, divorce is a very expensive decision. Sometimes it is, unfortunately, unavoidable. But if you love someone enough to marry them in the first place, don’t you owe it to yourself , your mate, and your children to try to work things out? Stop and think about how the words you speak in front of your children affect them. If you love them, why would you want them to stop loving the other parent? Why put the children in the middle of your disputes? Why put them in a position of having to choose sides? It is the cruelest thing you can do to them. I believe it is a form of mental child abuse. It can’t help but cause frustration, anger and bitterness.
And who benefits from anger and bitterness? The answer is no one benefits. The Bible tells us that bitterness is as rottenness in our bones. I believe it is one of the many causes of cancer, stroke and heart attack. We worry, fret, stew and store up anger and bitterness as weapons. The one who suffers most from those is the one harboring them. The kids just get the fallout and they turn to drugs, sex, parties, lying, stealing, or whatever else seems convenient just to cover up their own hurt and anger because the adults in their lives are too self-absorbed to pay attention to them.
For your own sakes and the sakes of your children, please seek Biblical marriage counseling. God doesn’t take sides. He is for families. It is Satan who wants to destroy. The Bible says Satan is as a roaring lion, roaming about and seeking whom he may devour. Are you going to let him have your family or are you going to fight for your family? The choice is yours.

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