Sunday, August 21, 2011

Why Would a Loving God Send Anyone to Hell?

     A lot of people ask this question. I’m not sure they really want an answer.  Most of the time it seems they are trying to find a reason to reject God. It’s easy to understand. After all, we have many prosperity preachers who just focus on God’s love, and they stop there. These preachers don’t want you to know the truth. They just want your money. They tell you if you just send them some money, or buy a book they’ve written or a DVD or CD they’ve made you will have a good life. They wear very expensive suits because they want you to believe that by contributing to their lifestyle you will be as successful as they are.  They don’t want you to see that they are using you to make themselves prosperous. It will not make you successful; it will keep you or make you poor.
     The truth is found in the Bible, not a book written by man. I am writing this blog asking for nothing but the time it takes you to read it. I live in a 1986 travel trailer that needs some repairs. I am happy with my modest lifestyle. I enjoy buying my clothes from the thrift stores or on sales at discount stores. God, my heavenly Father, provides my every need and some of my wants.  I am a pampered wife with a great life. I say all of that to let you know I have nothing to gain by lying to you or asking you for anything.
     The truth about hell is that it was not created for man. It was created for Satan, the ex-arch angel, who rebelled against God before God even created time. When Satan lost the war God sent him to earth to give him the opportunity to rule his own kingdom—for a while. This was God playing fair, and giving people the right to choose whether to love Him or not, whether to trust Him or not, to choose between good and evil. That choice was first made in the Garden of Eden. Man has had the right to choose ever since.
     So you don’t believe in hell? Have you ever watched the news and seen a volcano erupt? Or seen the evidence of its destruction? The Bible speaks of “the lake of fire,” “the fiery pit,” “outer darkness,” and “hell.” I believe they are synonymous. As previously stated, hell was created for Satan and his demons. But anyone who chooses evil over good, their own way over God’s way, thus rejecting the blood sacrifice of Jesus the Christ on the cross, they are by default choosing to go to hell. God simply speaks the sentence they have passed upon themselves. God gives us the choice of having an ABUNDANT life (spiritually) or a decadent life lived for self. Not believing in hell is like not believing in volcanoes. There was a time in history when people believed the world was flat. Believing it didn’t make it so. There were people a century ago who didn’t believe airplanes really existed. They believed it was science fiction, a fantasy. You can fool yourself all you want to and your end will be the same: torment in a spiritual body that will suffer forever. There will never be any relief. The Bible describes this as a place where the worms will eat at you, you will bite and wail throughout eternity while those of us who have accepted the FREE GIFT of eternal life through Jesus taking our penalty for us, will live in joy and peace forever more.
     The choice is indeed yours. Are you REALLY  willing to risk eternal torment for a temporary euphoria today?

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