Monday, August 8, 2011

How to Be a Pampered Wife

    My husband and I are celebrating our anniversary. I feel like the most cherished woman on the planet. He has lavished so many gifts on me and we aren't finished yet. There will be no new blog on Aug. 9 because he has plans for us that will keep us occupied all day, and it will be a day of fun. He also sent roses to me at work Saturday.
    Why am I so blessed? Why do I get treated so special? I am not a beautiful woman. I have gained some weight over the years and I don't spend a lot of time on fixing my hair and nails. In school I was voted the least likely to succeed--and I believed them.
    So how did I get to be so lucky? Pay close attention. It's a well-kept secret. Here it is: I treat my husband like a king. I don't nag or criticize. I fix the foods he likes to eat. I like those foods too so it's not sacrifice if I don't get to eat the things I like most. I praise him and make sure he knows how special and valuable he is to me.
    Satan has tried throughout our marriage to destroy us and he has lost every time. The first time Satan tried to destroy us was shortly after Tom got out of the Coast Gaurd. He felt trapped and left me and our toddler son. But we were new Christians, had only been born again through the power of the Holy Spirit less than a year. He hitchhiked to Florida, leaving us with my parents. I had found a seasonal job and was going to church and praying continually.
    God wouldn't let him stay in Florida. He ended up being tormented by sand fleas and ended up coming home.
    The second time was when he was getting ready to leave the army. He had all but stopped speaking to me. He said he didn't love me any more, but it was my choice to stay or go. I stayed. I had to win back his love. It took a couple of years but I did .
    At one point his mom told him if he wanted to leave me he could come home. At that point he was committed to our marriage and turned down the offer. (My mother-in-law and I have a great relationship now and I wouldn't trade for anything or anyone.)
    Before any of that happened, a chaplain in boot camp told him he should pay for me to have an abortion and forget about me. Fortunately, he had been raised to take responsibility for his actions. We weren't married yet.
    Since then and since we dedicated our lives to the Lord, this little nobody from the wrong side of the tracks has been able to see Germany, Paris (France), parts of Holland, a large portion of Canada enroute to Alaska, and Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.
    Not only am I a spoiled wife; I'm a blessed child of God. You can be too.

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