Monday, April 9, 2012

What Do You Look For In A Church?
By Aleta Kay

          Most churches have a set of bylaws and a statement of faith. Usually, upon baptism, statement of faith, or letter from another church where you were a member, you are asked to read and agree with these bylaws and statement of faith.
          If you have not been asked to do this then you may not need this information.
          I have never been involved in a church in which I have agreed with everything. The things I don’t agree with are my personal convictions or my personal beliefs based on my understanding of scripture.
          There is no such thing as a perfect church, a perfect set of rules, rituals, bylaws, etc. They are all man-made, based on a denominational understanding of scripture. Denominations are created by man, hence there are bound to be differences of opinion or belief.
          I am a member of an Independent Baptist Church because that is the denomination under which I was baptized (after salvation at a Billy Graham movie) and I agree with most of its tenets. I agree with this denomination more than any other. I believe it sticks to scripture more closely than any other denomination.
          There are areas of the bylaws and statement of faith with which I disagree. I will not discuss them with other church members or even with the pastor because they are my personal beliefs and tenets. I am just as capable of being incorrect as anyone else. We are all fallible.
          My point, the reason for this post, is that some church members seem to get upset and ready to leave the church over the issues on which they disagree. If it is not related to salvation and eternal security, as my best friend says, “Chew up the meat and spit out the bones.” Just agree to disagree if you like the church and the people in it. Don’t quibble over things (such as who will be included in the rapture or when the rapture will take place) that will not affect you personally or affect your testimony, your witness. Accept the differences and be at peace with your fellow believers. God is still on the throne and His will will be accomplished regardless of our personal convictions or beliefs. If it doesn’t contradict a command or edict made by God, written in His word, just be at peace with those around you and be happy.

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