Monday, March 12, 2012

My Novel, "Mending Fences" (an excerpt)

Mending Fences
by Aleta Kay

           April heard the sound of a child screaming and the soul-wrenching sob of "Dear, God, No!" escaped her lips at the same moment the brakes squealed and crunched metal. The glass April had been washing crashed to the floor. Please, God, don't let it be Cassie. Please, God, don't let it be Cassie. Her heart seemed to pound in rhythm to her heart's cry. She would always remember the ticking clock seeming so loud and slow while her heart was trying to pound its way out of her chest. Her eyes noted the time as she rushed out the door, unaware of the dishrag she still held. The clock showed six-twenty-three. They just finished supper, all except Robert, who was away--again.
          Terror washed over her soul in waves; her feet felt like they were slogging through water while her mind was screaming and praying for her child to be alright, knowing at the same time that nothing would ever be alright again.
          The driver of the car standing by the crumpled bicycle wrung his hands and wept. "I'm so sorry." He tentatively reached out a hand toward April to comfort her. "I didn't see...I mean, she happened so fast." He gulped and reached for April's arm a second time.
          April didn't seem to notice him at first. Then her eyes seemed to clear for just a moment as she looked at the man and screeched, "Don't you touch me! Look what you've done. Cassie, please be alright, sweetheart. Please be okay. Mommy's here. A wail escaped from deep in her throat as she stroked the child's bloody hair.

This book is available in Kindle or e-book form from and But be sure to find it under author name because there is another e-book with the same title but it has a different cover. My cover is a drawing of a man with a baseball style hat standing in a field with a little tombstone and a brick wall and various other types of fencing.

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