Saturday, December 8, 2012

Don't Throw Away Your Old Toothbrush

     I have a couple of thoughts on this and they are not connected, to please bear with me. The first thought is a practical application. I keep two old toothbrushes on the back of my kitchen sink and one in the bathroom. The reason? In the kitchen, I use one to clean the beaters for my mixer because it's hard to get the ends clean with the dishrag. It also works on wire whisks. The other one is used to clean around the grout on the sink and the drains. The toothbrush in the bathroom is used to clean my combs. No more soaking and waiting for the combs to dry. I put a little soap on them, run warm water over them slowly and use the old toothbrush to get between the teeth of the comb. Done in two minutes! Then I just rinse off the soap.
     My second thought about toothbrushes is this: Consider what a small thing a toothbrush is. (I know that was a grammatically incorrect statement. Never end a sentence with a preposition.) The toothbrush is small and really doesn't do much. It only gets used two or three times a day, and then only for a short time. Yet it is a very important part of our lives (or should be). Think about the job it does. What would happen to your teeth if they were never brushed? What would happen to your breath and your gums? Your teeth would decay and rot away (which some will do anyway just due to wear and tear); your breath would be most foul, and your gums would get infected, and the infection would spread to the rest of your body.
     Do you ever feel insignificant, like your toothbrush? Do you sometimes wonder if you have any purpose or value? Rest assured, my friend, God holds you in high esteem. If you were the only person left on earth, Jesus still would have left heaven to die on a cruel cross, to take your penalty for your sins, and offer you eternal life. He is risen and He is still offering you eternal life. He leaves the decision up to you. If you want to know how to get to know Him, leave me a post. Actually, I'd like for my readers to leave me a post anyway. Let me know what you think. This is an open forum. All comments are welcome. We learn by discussion. Have a blessed day.

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