Monday, November 14, 2011

What Kind Of Example Are You?

by Aleta Kay

You’re a parent, a big brother or sister, a classmate at school, a co-worker. Whatever your station in life, you affect other people. Other people are watching you. You may not care what others think of you but you should be concerned about whether you are a model for good behavior or bad. Are you encouraging others to be kind, thoughtful, gentle, and humble; or are you an example of restlessness, brooding, moodiness, gossip, fighting and starting trouble?
          In this world some people are leaders and some are followers. There will always be someone following in your footsteps, following your lead, your example. All of us are leaders to someone. Someone wants to be like you.
          If you are Christian (which means follower of Christ) you are either leading people to Jesus by your example, or you are sending them to hell by your example. God will hold you accountable. People who watch you may never tell you what they think of your example but the effect is there nonetheless. The world (unbelievers in Christ) knows without being told that Christians shouldn’t curse, wear revealing clothing, behave in a boastful or showy manner. They know Christians shouldn’t listen to secular music or watch dirty movies. They know that Christians shouldn’t get drunk or do drugs or sleep around. If people who don’t know Christ are aware of how a Christian should behave, why are so many Christians seemingly unaware?
          I know we aren’t perfect. We are all sinners and will be for as long as we are in this mortal body, but our sins should be different from those who are not Christians. The closer we walk with God the more we should want to be like Him. If you’re not close to God, guess who moved?
          Please, for the sake of those around you and your own sake, please read and study your Bible so you can be the example God wants you to be. Please don’t be the kind of example that will cause someone to say, “If that’s a Christian, why do I need to get saved? I can do all that without being a Christian.” Please work at having a good account with God so that when you meet Him face to face He can say, “Well done, my child. Welcome home.”

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