Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Problems with Promiscuity Part I

by Aleta Kay

The Bible tells us that God has an order, a hierarchy, for families. The husband is to be the head of the household, the one responsible for keeping order. He’s the one responsible for seeing to it that the family is taken care of financially. He is responsible for making sure there is always enough money for food, clothing and shelter. He is also supposed to be the chief protector.
What happens in a single-mom household? What happens when young girls and women are not careful about who they choose to have children with?
As a single mom you carry the entire burden for the family. You are solely responsible for the finances, the discipline, food, clothing and shelter. You are responsible for answering to creditors, bill collectors, teachers. You have no one to ask for guidance or protection from anyone who would do you harm. You have no one to back you up in discipline, no one to protect you from your children’s sass, belligerence, and attitude.
Once, when our daughter was about 16 or 17, we were arguing (she had pushed my buttons and before I knew it we were in a shouting match) she drew her hand back as if she was going to hit me. Rage tore through me and I told her to pack her bags; she wasn’t staying with us any more. I spent the next two hours making phone calls trying to find a place that would take her. My husband, however, at the time she drew her hand back, told her if she ever raised a hand to me again she wouldn’t live to talk about it. Things calmed down and we didn’t need to send her away. But it felt good to know I had a husband to back me up.
If you are merely living with someone or if you are re-married, will that man back you up when your children disrespect you? Don’t you think it would be wise to choose someone who loves and respects you, and is willing to teach your children the same?

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