Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I Wish I Had Kept That

I was in the thrift store today (that's my kind of shopping!) and it was filled to overflowing with Christmas decorations all kinds of wonderful things. As I was leaving I heard a man tell one of the workers, "I can't believe it. So much of this stuff looks like the stuff I brought in. It's so cool. I wish I had kept it."

I wonder if we treat our relationships like that sometimes. I am so bad at keeping in touch with friends, even locally. I misplace phone numbers that were written on pieces of paper. I don't take the few seconds it would take to put it in the computer or an address book so I'd know where to find it. I hate to write letters. I always feel like I'm writing a form letter (which I will do for Christmas this year). People don't feel valued if you don't keep in touch. They feel like a foster child that got left out in the cold, or gets shuffled from one home to another (or from one friend to another).

With all of our modern conveniences, texting, e-mail, blogging, cell phones, Facebook, Twitter, wouldn't you think it would be easier to keep in touch? I don't know about anyone else, but I know I am too easily distracted by all the glitter and toys, the apps, or even just learning to use the silly things, that I neglect people I really care about. The biggest regret of my life is losing friends I have taken for granted. Don't be like me. Tell your friends you appreciate them. Send an e-card or a text message. Call them and ask how their day is going. Make plans for lunch or a girl's night out to see a movie. Plan a hiking trip that won't take all day. Plan a picnic with your friends and their kids. Make the most of your friendships while you still have them.

God bless and have a blessed Thanksgiving. What do you think? Tell me about your experiences. You can use a nickname or just initials, a CB handle, whatever you choose. You can remain anonymous but I'd like to hear from you.

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