Thursday, June 30, 2011

What Is Your Plan For Their Future?

by Aleta Kay
    We live in a world of extremes: "and they lived happily ever after," and single mother homes where the woman is the chief commander who doesn’t need a man. The purpose of a man in these times seems to be primarily to fulfill a woman’s biological need to have children. Once the children come along, like the common house cat, the man is disposable.
    A recent statistic said that only 47% of our society today is married. Everyone is living together or "hooking up" when they feel the desire. Domestic violence is on the rise, children are being killed by significant others, it seems on a daily basis. These are not the product of simply more people in the world. This is the consequence of things being out of balance and out of God’s will.
    What do you want for your children? What are you teaching them by your example? Are you teaching them that the only things of value in this world are: 1)themselves, 2)a good education, and 3)a good job? I promise you that is the message they will get when there is a parade of significant others in their lives, no permanent relationship between adults, and a mom who will put that child in danger by leaving it with someone who may cause harm.
    That child will grow up, if it survives childhood, thinking it must take care of itself because the adults are unable or unwilling to take the responsibility. That child will grow up not having any happiness in a relationship because it has been taught by example that love (including that of the parent) is temporary and all of life is based on feelings alone.
    Young mother, do what you will, but think about the legacy you are leaving your child. Be careful who you allow to become the father of your children. Don’t allow your feelings to control your actions. You will be one of those women who will have a parade of men, a string of children who may or may not get to know their fathers, and who will grow up trusting no one but themselves. They will have a right to cry, "It’s not fair!"

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